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One of the most interesting capabilities of the Exynos 4412 core module is the built-in 3D graphics accelerator. With its GPU, this Rhomb Class 1 board is capable of managing complex 3D graphics, for games and emulators, while maintaining high performance and perfect frame rates. With this in mind, we wanted to show you [...]

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How to install Google Play Store at devices

If you installed Android at your Class1 board you will miss something... Google Play Store. What? You don't know how to install Android at your board? You can follow this other article at blog to get it up and running. Procedure to install To install Google Play Store and Google Play services, [...]

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How to run Android at boards

If you have any Rhomb Class1 board, for example Hyperion or Gaia you can use Android as operating system. Android gives to you an easy way to install apps or 3D games via Google Play Store. This is a great feature of our Rhomb boards. In this article I will explain step by step how [...]

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