How to run Android at boards

If you have any Rhomb Class1 board, for example Hyperion or Gaia you can use Android as operating system. Android gives to you an easy way to install apps or 3D games via Google Play Store. This is a great feature of our Rhomb boards.

In this article I will explain step by step how to get Android Operating System running at your board. The process is very easy.

Installing Android

Flashing SDcard

First of all you need to download the .img of Android system. There’s 2 versions of the .img one for 1GiB core modules and other for 2GiB Rhomb Core Modules:

Download Android .img for 1GiB cores

Download Android .img for 2GiB cores

Install and run Win32DiskImager. This program have the ability to flash .img images to an SDcard in the proper way.

Select the downloaded and uncompressed .img that you previously downloaded (uncompress it first via WinZip or WinRAR). Point1

Insert a microSD card in your PC. Select the letter of the cardreader unit. Point2

Press the write button. Point3. Wait for the process finishes.

Generating the eMMC

Insert the microSD card that you have prepared into your Rhomb Class1 Board.

Insert a eMMC module at the “module1” socket of your board.

Insert a jumper at “SD BOOT” pins of yout board to make it boot from SDcard.

Power on the board and wait about 2 minutes. (If you connect your board to PC via UART debug port, you can see the install process but this is not needed, you can only wait).

Remove the jumper at “SD BOOT” pins. This will make the board to boot from the recently generated eMMC module.

Boot the board and… here it is! If you succesfully followed this steps you have Android Operating System up running on your Rhomb board. You are a champion!

But… one moment. Where are the Google Play Store? Well, I will explain it very very soon in next posts. Please, visit our blog frecuently to get updated with new features and tutorials.


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