Updated:12/07/2017 Rhomb.io will not support SmachZ Project

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Update: 12/07/2017

Leaving discussions about the Smach Z project aside, at Rhomb.io we would like to clarify that we have never received any crowdfunding money.

We are a hardware development company that was hired to design, develop and manufacture an electronic device. During development, a point was reached where work could not be continued due to discrepancies between our client and us.

We understand that the only way to clarify and demonstrate our value as a serious company is to announce that we will participate on a AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. We will update this post to add date and time of the AMA as well as the link for anyone who might be interested.

However, as a company we have Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with our customers and suppliers, and because of that we won’t reply any questions that might compromise said agreements.

The main cause of this publication is to show we have the confidence to prove we are a serious company, and that Rhomb.io is a great platform.

For this reason, during the next few weeks we will open our contest “Get Free Engineering”, to bring everyone the chance to have a product developed completely for free. Four electronic projects that fit within the Rhomb.io platform will be chosen, developed and displayed in our booth at the Embedded World Event of 2018.
The participation requirements will be available in our website.

If you want to know what the standard NDA that we usually sign with our clients is like, click here.

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Update: 26/06/2017

After our last post we have been receiving a lot of e-mails asking about the Rhomb.io implication on SmachZ Project.

We would like to clarify that Rhomb.io is the proprietary of S500 rhomb.io Core AMD RX421 (main processor unit used on SmachZ video game machine) and like any other piece in the Rhomb.io universe, will be available for anyone wanting to use it on their product, design or project, including of course the SmachZ team.

The Core AMD RX-421 has been validated by AMD, it’s on Alpha phase and it will be available at the end of 2017 for anyone to use.

We also wish to inform that the delivery times published by SmachZ during the crowdfunding campaign, never been agreed by us.

Rhomb.io team have been designing and developing this product from the beginning, including the prototypes used on the fair shows.

Based on our experience developing/making products, we consider that Smach Z has not been able to understand or value the complexity of development and fabrication that this kind of product implies, regarding to the technical and economic matters. For these reasons, after several disagreements and long pauses during this project, unconnected to Rhomb.io, both parts have decided to dissolve cooperation.

From our side, we want to thank all the support received from the user community, and specially, from the semiconductor manufacturers.

Thanks, best regards

Rhomb.io team.

PS: Rhomb.io is a modular platform property of Tecnofingers S.L (imasD is a Trade Mark property of Tecnofingers s.l)

First Note: 22/06/2017

Due to diferences between both companies, TNFG ( Tecnofingers ) the owner of rhomb.io has closed the relation with SmachZ Project.

Giving them all the flexibility and freedom to develop the device by his own side but not supported by rhomb.io and S500 rhomb.io Core AMD RX421.

unfortunately big discrepances in the project Have forced both parts to get that decision and a long pause in development.

In the next days TNFG will share with SMACHz team all the documentation and  test  regarding his project after close the terms.




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Actualización: 26/Junio/2017

Desde la publicación de esta noticia hemos recibido muchos e-mails preguntando por la participación de Rhomb.io en el proyecto SmachZ.

Nos gustaría aclarar que el Core AMD RX-421 empleado en la videoconsola (SmachZ) es propiedad de Rhomb.io y que, como todas las piezas del universo Rhomb.io, estará totalmente accesible para cualquier usuario que quiera utilizarlo en sus productos, diseños o proyectos, incluyendo por supuesto al equipo de SmachZ.

El Core AMD RX-421, pieza principal de la videoconsola, ha sido ya verificado por AMD, se encuentra en fase Alpha y estará disponible para todo el usuario que lo desee a finales de 2017.

También deseamos informar que los plazos de entrega publicados por el equipo SmazhZ durante la campaña de crowdfunding nunca fueron consensuados con Rhomb.io.

El equipo de Rhomb.io ha estado diseñando y desarrollando este producto desde el principio, incluidos todos los prototipos iniciales que se mostraron en los eventos.

Desde nuestra experiencia desarrollando producto, consideramos que el equipo de SmachZ no ha sido capaz de entender ni valorar la complejidad que el desarrollo y fabricación de un producto de esta envergadura implica, tanto a nivel técnico como a nivel económico. Por dichos motivos y tras diversos desacuerdos y prolongadas pausas en el proyecto, ajenas a Rhomb.io, ambas compañías han acordado disolver la relación.

Por nuestra parte, queremos agradecer el soporte e implicación que hemos recibido por parte de los usuarios y, especialmente, de los fabricantes de semiconductores.

Gracias, cordialmente

el equipo de Rhomb.io


PD: Rhomb.io es una plataforma modular propiedad de Tecnofingers S.L.  ( ImasD es una marca comercial propiedad de Tecnofingers S.L )


Primer Post: 22/06/2017

Debido a las diferencias entre ambas empresas, TNFG (Tecnofingers) el propietario de rhomb.io ha cerrado la relación con SmachZ Project.

Dándoles toda la flexibilidad y libertad para desarrollar el dispositivo por su propio lado pero no apoyado por rhomb.io y S500 rhomb.io Core AMD RX421.

Desafortunadamente grandes discrepancias en el proyecto han forzado a ambas partes a tomar esa decisión y una larga pausa en el desarrollo

En los próximos días TNFG compartirá con el equipo de SMACHz toda la documentación, pruebas y pruebas sobre su proyecto después de cerrar los términos. Gracias.



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