Speed up your i.MX6 development with rhomb.io

I.MX-6 Core Module: a rhomb.io S400 Core module, 100% compatible with next I.MX rhomb.io Core module generations.

Kinetis K81 Master Module: a rhomb.io Master module, 100% compatible with all kinetis rhomb.io Master modules

Combine Kinetis Cortex®-M Microcontrollers with i.MX Applications Processors or use them separately, with our boards or with your own ones. Build your product faster, just choose your board, add your modules and peripherals and start production. Then update it easily, extend your product’s life.

  • No complex designs
  • No DDR routing
  • No Complex BGA routing
  • Simple Layout
  • More than 150 module designs ready-to-use and open
  • Avanced internal PMIC includded
    • Up to 29 programable LDOs
    • Up to 9 Programable BUCKs
    • 2 x 32.768khz clock outputs
    • No external inductors needed

The system can be configured for your special needs and also it can be improved/upgraded in system.

The system is open, we offer ready-to-use PCBs but also we provide production files and schematics for free, so you can develop or customize your own pcb.

An example of how your product could be created:

If you are a PCB manufacturer/assembler and you are interested in Rhomb.io license, contact us: license@rhomb.io

Visit us on rhomb.io



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