How to make a flame sensor with LED matrix

At this amazing how-to we are going to learn how to make an easy flame sensor with the ability to measure the distance of the flame. The LED matrix will show a vertical line that indicates how far or close is the flame.  If the distance of the flame varies, the led matrix will change.

Bill of materials

Setting up your board

Please follow the steps shown in this article for configuring your board and module for this and other experiments.

Wiring the components

Flashing the software

The first step is downloading the “flame_sensor_LED_matrix” folder from our github repository. Press the “clone or download” button at github.

Download and install the Arduino IDE. Our boards are compatible with Arduino stuff.

Connect the board to your PC and open the downloaded code at the Arduino IDE.

Select the propper COM port of your PC and select the board type according to your master module:

  • Arduino / Genuino UNO is compatible with Duino UNO module
  • Arduino / Genuino MEGA is compatible with Duino MEGA module

Hit the “upload” button at Arduino IDE to start flashing your board with the new software. Once the process finishes, the job is done. You can now test the project.

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