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Smart home devices created easily with rhomb.io modular hardware

Since the introduction of the first home appliances in the early 20th century, the smart home market has been steadily growing with revenue set to reach USD$61.3 million in the USA alone by the end of this year. With the introduction of secure wireless connectivity and IoT technology the automation of home devices and other [...]

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Processor News: Qualcomm Snapdragon goes Modular

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E processor is now available as a certified rhomb.io core module that can be used with your rhomb.io motherboard. It has been developed with IoT and embedded computing in mind, with a particular focus on smart homes, building automation, industrial control, digital signalling and smart surveillance devices. This core module integrates increasingly [...]

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How rhomb.io hardware works

Rhomb.io is a manufacturing system of hardware and software developed by Tecnofingers S.L. The system increases the productiveness of development teams when creating or updating electronic devices so companies can get them out to market fast. The rhomb.io hardware system works by increasing the number of concepts developers can trial during the prototyping and testing [...]

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Build and upgrade your hardware quickly and easily with Rhomb.io

Upgrading the hardware of a product has been an inflexible, time consuming and wasteful process. Once a component is incorporated into the circuitry of a PCB there was no way to remove it or swap it out without throwing it away and beginning again. This has changed with the rhomb.io manufacturing system, which has changed [...]

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Embedded World 2018: The motherboard of all fairs

Embedded Fair Report We had just finished packing but the thrill of the fair still remained. Embedded World 2018 was over and the truck with our booth was now backing away. Embedded World, an electrical systems trade fair, located in Nuremberg, Germany, brought together developers from all industries and was the perfect event to showcase [...]

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Packed and ready to go: Embedded World 2018

Here We Come Embedded World We are excited to be attending this year's Embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. The Fair runs from the 27th February - 1st March 2018 and invite you to come! The fair is the engine of the IoT, e-mobility, energy efficiency industries and the best place to find the latest in [...]

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