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Rhomb.io S300 Master Module S7G2

The S300 Socket is designed to bring all the posibilities of a hig-end processor to the modularity. Up to 300 Signals with diferent buses like SPI, I2C, UART, SDIO, QSPI, PWM, ADC, GPIO and Other kind of Buses. This module can Fit in all the PCB Class 2 and Class 3 with S100/S200 and S300 [...]

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Rhomb.io S400 Qualcomm Snapdragon 410e Core Module

Rhomb.io presents the Snapdragon 410E with S400 Socket, extending all the features and compatibility to all S400 PCB Mother Boards Class 1. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of embedded computing applications with its high performance, energy efficiency, multimedia features, integrated connectivity and long-term support, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410E processor is an ideal platform for [...]

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Rhomb.io DRAM the Smallest DDRAM Module

The New Core Generation Comes with a new Family in Rhomb. I Ecosystem, the DRAM Module, following the requirements of rhomb.io system. We have designed under Jedec Specifictaions, the DRAM Module DDR4, to meet the needs with small devices. 60% less space than standard SO-DIM modules, less power consumption, mechanical connectivity up to 50GBPS, fast [...]

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SME “Innovative modular hardware development platform”

English Version ----- Rhomb.io on H2020 Project As you know, modularity is one of the most important aspects to be taken into account by the European Union, as it allows companies to reduce investment, development times, reuse parts and, of course, the ecological footprint on electronic devices in Order to With that, Tecnofingers S. L. [...]

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Renesas Synergy S Family on Rhomb.io

New Manufacturer was Added to rhomb.io ecosystem, the Renesas Synergy Family is now available on Enginering Testing Samples. With a wide range of performance and features, Renesas Synergy™ microcontrollers (MCUs) can meet the scalability, power consumption, and performance needs of nearly any end-product using embedded system control. Designed for the rapidly expanding IoT market, Renesas Synergy™ [...]

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Good things come in small packages: uOMIC by TNFG

  uOMIC is a complete power management IC that can power the an entire system from a single-chip. A whole system power solution with automatic and user-configurable power-on sequence. The perfect solution for multiple applications. The option to build your own Power Initialization Sequence by using our Graphical Interface or by code and allowing you [...]

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Updated:12/07/2017 Rhomb.io will not support SmachZ Project

English #### Update: 12/07/2017 Leaving discussions about the Smach Z project aside, at Rhomb.io we would like to clarify that we have never received any crowdfunding money. We are a hardware development company that was hired to design, develop and manufacture an electronic device. During development, a point was reached where work could not be [...]

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Speed up your i.MX6 development with rhomb.io

I.MX-6 Core Module: a rhomb.io S400 Core module, 100% compatible with next I.MX rhomb.io Core module generations. Kinetis K81 Master Module: a rhomb.io Master module, 100% compatible with all kinetis rhomb.io Master modules Combine Kinetis Cortex®-M Microcontrollers with i.MX Applications Processors or use them separately, with our boards or with your own ones. Build your product faster, [...]

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Welcome SuperBrain made with Rhomb.io

Tis Project was Founded by CDTI The following document explains the functionalities regarding the software and the hardware of this product called “ SuperBrain” We will start with a short description about the history of the word cluster. In the Inicial Concept we show how rhomb.io can fit in this product, allowing to build a [...]

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Rhomb.io Socket 600 (S600)

This Socket for GEN.2.0 Socket Without Connector, the S600 is based on a small Serie of flexible contacts and a mechanical socket . MultiStack the sochet only need a specific footprint one side. easy to reproduce in your designs, and low cost. the module can be locked with mechanical socket or screws. S600 How [...]

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