Good things come in small packages. UOMIC

UOMIC is a complete power management IC that enables to power the core processor, external memory and peripherals from a single-chip. A whole system power solution with automatic and user-configurable power-On sequence. A perfect solution for multiple applications.

The option to build his own Power Init Sequence using a Graphical interface or coding. allowing to change it if you need also after assembled.
this option allow also to driver a different power sequence to manage the peripherals in your design giving you flexibility and allowing add new generation IC into your design.

The small package 11 x 11 mm and the design gives a easy way to route and design. 144 LGA with 0.8 mm pitch. easy routing with only 4 layers without complex specifications of design.
low BOM on design with integrated Inductances.

UOMIC contains 9 high efficient buck converters, 26 LDOs, RTC, 3-channel 32kHz clock output, backup battery charger, manual reset and shutdown inputs, reset output, input and output interrupts and UART serial interface to program individual regulator output voltages and on/off control. All for complete flexibility in a diminutive single-chip (11x11mm LGA package)

With its internal inductors for all bucks,  UOMIC helps to maximize power efficiency and battery life, supporting high levels of integration, reducing design complexity, minimizing motherboard space and lowering overall bill of materials.

No software drivers needed in your BSP.


  • 9 High Efficiency Buck Converters
    • 6 x 1.5A Bucks: BUCK1, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9
    • 2 x 5A Bucks: BUCK2 & 4
    • 1 x 2.5A Buck: BUCK3
    • BUCK2, 3 & 4 with DVS Function and programmable voltage from 0.6V to 3.7875V in 12.5mV step
    • BUCK1, 5, 6, 8 & 9 programmable voltage from 0.75V to 3.90V in 50mV step
    • BUCK7 always ON, 2.00V fix voltage
    • UART ON/OFF control for all Bucks
    • Digital ON/OFF control for BUCK1, 2, 3, 4, 8 & 9
    • Internal inductors for all bucks
  • 26 Linear Regulators with Green Mode
    • 1 x 450mA NMOS LDO
    • 1 x 300mA NMOS LDO
    • 4 x 150mA NMOS LDOs
    • 6 x 300mA PMOS LDOs
    • 14 x 150mA PMOS LDOs
    • Programmable voltage for all PMOS LDOs: from 0.8V to 3.95V in 50mV step
    • Programmable voltage for all NMOS LDOs: from 0.8V to 2.375V in 25mV step
    • Green Mode with 1uA typ for all LDOs
    • UART ON/OFF control for all LDOs
    • Digital ON/OFF control for LDO2, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21 & 22
    • Buffered 3-ch 32.768kHz Outputs with Low Jitter
  • Automatic power-Up sequence
  • RTC with backup battery charger and two alarms
  • Single button manual RESET and single button System SHUTDOWN
  • Power-On reset output
  • 1 x interrupt input, 1 x interrupt request output
  • 1 x external MOSFET control pin, 1 x 1-Wire port
  • 2 x GPIO/ADC pins
  • Small package, 144-pin 11x11mm LGA (0.8mm pitch)

Power Summary

PowerOutput Voltage Range(V) Step

Load_Current(mA) PowerInput ON/OFFControl LDOType Note
BUCK1 0.75 ~ 3.90 50 1500 INB1 PWREN or UART
BUCK2 0.6 ~ 3.7875 12.5 5000 INB2AINB2B DVS Function &PWREN external enable/disable pin
BUCK3 2500 INB3
BUCK5 0.75 ~ 3.90 50 1500 INB5 UART
BUCK6 150 INB6
BUCK8 0.75 ~ 3.90 50 INB8 ENB8 or UART ENB8, external enable/disable pin
BUCK9 INB9 ENB9 or UART ENB9, external enable/disable pin
LDO1 0.80 ~ 2.375 25 INL1 UART NDRV1
LDO3 0.80 ~ 1.85 50 300 internal UART PDRV2
LDO4 0.80 ~ 3.95 150 INL4 UART PDRV1
LDO5 0.80 ~ 3.95 INL2 UART
LDO6 0.80 ~ 2.375 25 INL1 PWREN or UART NDRV1
LDO8 300 NDRV2
LDO9 0.80 ~ 1.85 50 150 internal UART PDRV1
LDO10 0.80 ~ 3.95 300 INL5 PWREN or UART PDRV2
LDO11 0.80 ~ 1.85 150 internal PDRV1
LDO12 0.80 ~ 3.95 INL4
LDO15 0.80 ~ 2.375 25 INL1 NDRV1
LDO16 0.80 ~ 3.95 50 INL5 PDRV1
LDO18 150 PDRV1
LDO20 0.80 ~ 1.85 internal LDOEN or UART LDOEN external enable/disable pin
LDO21 0.80 ~ 3.95 300 INL4 PDRV2
LDO24 150 INL4 PDRV1


The Footprint

Designed for easy routing in just 4 Layer with no complex specifications board.

0,8mm pitch

a sight of the easy routing.


The uOMIC has a low BOM, that means less problems with discrete components, more effectively and no mistakes with your power design.

The EVK of uOMIC

the EVK-uOMIC was designed to provide all the knowledge to the user before the implementation, and also to test of the power functionalities.

Easy to access and Easy to program the uOMIC is the most versatile version with that quantity of LDO, BUCKS and functionalities.

The EVK-uOMIC provides a wide sight of the options you can have with uOMIC and all the documentation about the EVK is available for the user.

Here a Block reference of the EVK

The uOMIC is the greatest option to design thinking in the future.






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