How to stream videos and movies from your PC to your Class1 Boards

Do you have tons of videos and movies stored at your PC. Imagine to watch those videos at any TV of your home simply connecting the TV to your Class 1 board. If you follow this steps that will become very simple task!

Installing Plex Media Server at your PC

First of all you will need to download the installation files of Plex Media Server to your PC / Mac/ Linux / NAS and install it. It’s very easy simply follow the Wizzard and press next at each step.

Adding videos, photos, music and clips to your libraries

Once you installed Plex Media Server, you need to open your web browser and go to this URL: to open the web interface of Plex

At the left sidebar you will see a “library” section. Please, click on the “plus” symbol that will appear next to it when you move the mouse pointer over it.

Select the library of the appropriate type for the content of your folder. For example “movies” you can change the name of the library. Click the “add folders” icon and select any folder from your computer that having movies or the type of media that you want to add.

You can continue adding media to your Plex Server. You can configure Plex for “auto scan” the folder to find new media and update the library when you add new files.

Installing Plex Remote Client at yor board

You will need to have Android and Google Play Store installed at your board.

Connect your board to the Internet via RJ-45 network cable or an USB Wifi adapter. Connect the board via HDMI to your TV or monitor.

Go to Play Store and search for “plex”. Install the app.

When opening the app, it will start to search any Plex Server over your network. If you followed the below steps your app will find your PC.

You can now watch photos, videos or listen music from your PC directly to your TV or Home Cinema via the board.


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