How to run Nintendo 64 emulator on your Rhomb Class1 Boards

If you are a retro lover you will find interesting to play Nintendo 64 games at your board. The Mali400 GPU have enough power to run 3D games at good performance and speed.

First of all you will need 2 things

  • Android Operanting System up and running at your board – How to?
  • Google Play Store and Services installer at your board – How to?

Once you have fulfilled those 2 previous requirements install the Nintendo 64 emulator is very easy!

You only need to go to Google Play Store and search for “MegaN64” or follow this link. You can use other N64 emulator but we tested with this one.

Install the app and configure controls. Yo can navigate between the menus and items using the arrows of any USB keyboard. Use the “Intro” key to accept. You can also connect an USB gamepad to your board to make the experience better.

Search at Internet for any Nintendo64 roms and copy the unzipped rom file to your eMMC module. You can also download the file directly from your board.

Run the emulator and locate the rom file. The extension should be .z64 or .v64


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