What Rhomb.io does Mean? Modularity

Why does the company need to develop a complete system?

The age of PC, bringed the oportunity to the software companies to build his own bussines and it was great, but now, the technology  don’t allow go ahead, because the world has moved to the mobile technology age. the mobile age is growing and the companies needs are also growing, but the mobile technology is not as much easy as PC technology.

Rhomb.io, called Clickarm in the past, was developed with tha sense to fill that void, giving the user or the developer, the posibility to go ahead of his needs every moment.

Free to Create

A Modular system that alows to build a device, ready to sale. Build it, modify it, even after builded, upgrade, create again starting from your product.

Improve your bussiness

You can cover all the needs your costumer have, just adding a module or developing it in 1 week.
quantity is not the barrier, is the beginning. Start from one and go ahead.

Build everything you need, everything you think, everything you want,
after that, improve, modify or just grow.

An Standar Conectivity made to made easy, gives the posibility to the user to build a system in a short time.

Fast Time to Market

A Broad range of posibilities and specfic conectivity.

The Core:

  • ARM Architecture – Procesors with Arm arquitecture pin to pin copmatible  with the socket400/Socket600 Lke: Exynos 4412, NXP IMX-6, Qualcom, Broadcom
  • X86/x64 Architecture Processors with X86/64 Arquitecture Compatible with Socket400/socket500/Socket600 Like: AMD

The PCB:

  • Class 1 – Is the kind of PCB that alows to connect a Rhomb Core , Rhomb Modules  like: Gaia
  • Class 2 – is the kind of PCB that alows to conect Rhomb Modules, Module Master and Module Slave Like: Phobos
  • Class 3 – is the kind of PCB that alows to conect Rhomb to Other systems like : Arduino, Raspberry, Beaglebone, etc.. like: Ar2rhomb

The Modules:

  • The Master is the Module that contains a Microcontroller Up to Cortex M. Like: Uno328P, Max32620, EFM32,
  • The Slaves is a Module that Contains peripherals without Microcontroller. Like: all the rest.

Rhomb.io is under specific OHL. Open Hardware License, the software is under Open Software License

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